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Timsbury Fishing  Game & Coarse Fishing on The World Famous River Test

Timsbury Fishing standing as it does right at the heart of that ‘golden’ stretch of the River Test that is below Stockbridge and above Romsey, where the likes of Bossington and Mottisfont Abbey lie.


The fishing is a great combination of the main river and carrier, with all the facilities that you are ever likely to need and comfortable chairs for an afternoon snooze after the rigours of the morning rise!


This is a predominately brown trout fishery; the only fish we stock are carefully selected locally from The River Test stock. You may catch the occasional itinerant rainbow and in the latter part of the season salmon regularly roll in the deep pools there is always the chance of catching a salmon or even a couple of sea trout.


This is the perfect place for a relaxing day on the river in every respect.  The River Test is the pre-eminent chalk stream. Physically, at it's longest; 39 miles from source to estuary. Historically, it is generally regarded as the birthplace of modern fly fishing. In literature, Halford, Plunkett Greene and Skues, to name but a few immortalised the Test in their fishing writings. The Test rises in north Hampshire in the hamlet of Ashe, not Overton as generally supposed. It then travels on a south-west curve, growing in width and flow as first the Bourne, and then the Dever and the Anton join the main river.


At no point in its first 35 miles can the Test be regarded as one river. For it is an amalgam of the main channel, tributaries, and carriers man-made for water meadow irrigation, side streams, mill channels and feeders. At some points two, three or even four streams run parallel, all fishable and such is the nature of the river that it is often hard to deduce which is main river and which is carrier.It is a few miles from the sea that the River Test finally becomes one single channel


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